LEO: Private Practice - Assistant  LE Op. 600


Private Practice - Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney.


September 14, 1984


It is not improper for a part-time Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney to

represent a private party in a child custody or child support proceeding

in the attorney's local Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court when there

is the absence of any effort to, or implication that the public office

will or may, influence the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court's

disposition of the proceeding, and provided that, with respect to the

parties and their witnesses, there are no pending criminal charges, there

are no investigations known to the Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney and

there was no involvement in criminal matters relating to said parties or

witnesses in which the attorney had substantial responsibility. [ DR:8-

101(A)(2), DR:9-101(B), (C), EC:9-1, LE Op. 594]


Committee Opinion September 14, 1984




See also LE Op. 675, LE Op. 685, LE Op. 696, LE Op. 702, and LE Op.