LEO: Conflict of Interests/Domestic, LE Op. 538


    Conflict of Interests/Domestic Relations/Former Client.


    January 18, 1984


    An attorney may properly represent a wife in custody and support hearings even though several years earlier the attorney had represented her husband in a traffic charge of driving under the influence, so long as the present custody and support matters will not involve any evidence rising out of the earlier traffic offense. However, if at any time the attorney learns that information gained during the course of his representation of the husband on the earlier traffic charge will now be relevant in the present hearing, the attorney has the duty to withdraw pursuant to the provisions of DR:5-105(D). [DR:5-105(D)]


Committee Opinion January 18, 1984




    See also LE Op. 1279


LEO: Conflict of Interests/Domestic, LE Op. 538 (1984)