LEO: Legal Fees/Dividing Legal Fees With a LE Op. 534


Legal Fees/Dividing Legal Fees With a Non-Lawyer.


December 16, 1983


It would be improper for an attorney in collecting delinquent county

taxes and receiving fee awards in such cases, as provided for in Va. Code

Annot. 58-1117.5, to pay to the county any portion of such fees awarded

to him. There are instances, however, where the attorney's fees may be

remitted to the non-lawyer employer/client where the attorney's fee is "a

direct reimbursement to the [client] for the cost of the legal service

provided by employed counsel." [ DR:3-102, LE Op. 480 (formerly LE-IO

642), LE-IO 589 (withdrawn for reconsideration 9/8/83), and 58-1117.5,

Code of Virginia]


Committee Opinion December 16, 1983