LEO: Suspension of License to Practice  LE Op. 524


Suspension of License to Practice Law/Maintaining Law

Office During Period of Suspension.


September 13, 1983


It is ethically permissible for a licensed attorney to operate the law

office of a suspended attorney during the period of suspension if the

licensed attorney:


1. Has no association with the suspended attorney other than to pay law

office expenses,


2. Retains all cases generated by the licensed attorney while operating

the law office and does not give any client the impression that the

licensed attorney is an associate of the suspended attorney, and


3. The suspended attorney is not in the law office during business hours.


The licensed attorney also must obtain consent of any clients of the

suspended attorney before gaining access to their files and must ensure

that the client is not misled as to the relationship of the licensed

attorney with the suspended attorney. [ DR:2-101(A) and DR:4-101]


Committee Opinion September 13, 1983