LEO: Divorce Mediation/Domestic LE Op. 512


    Divorce Mediation/Domestic Relations/Family Law.


    April 28, 1983


    It would not be inappropriate for a mediation and counseling service to refer clients to a law firm so long as the fees paid to the law firm are paid by the clients themselves and so long as the law firm's relationship with the mediation and counseling service does not violate the disciplinary rules following Canon 5 of the Virginia Code of Professional Responsibility and does not interfere with the law firm's ability to give independent advice.


    It would be ethically impermissible for the law firm to pay a referral fee to a mediation and counseling service under the provisions of DR:2-103 and possibly under the provisions of DR:3-102 of the Virginia Code of Professional Responsibility. [DR:5-107, EC:5-1, EC:5-21, EC:5-22 and EC:5-23, DR:2-103 and DR:3-102, Virginia Code of Professional Responsibility]


    Committee Opinion April 28, 1983




    See also LE Op. 1368


LEO: Divorce Mediation/Domestic, LE Op. 512 (1983)