LEO: Professional Notices, Letterheads LE Op. 509


    Professional Notices, Letterheads, Offices & Law Lists/Advertising, Public Communications, Publicity.


    March 30, 1983


    It would be misleading to the public for an attorney-employee of an insurance carrier to fail to disclose his status as an employee of an insurance carrier on his name cards, letterhead, phone answering method, and name plates on the doors of his office. The employer's identity should be contained in the same communication, and disclosure may not be delayed until legal representation is undertaken. [DR:2-102(A) Virginia Code of Professional Responsibility]


    Committee Opinion March 30, 1983




    See also LE Op. 775, LE Op. 959, and LE Op. 1341


LEO: Professional Notices, Letterheads, LE Op. 509 (1983)