LEO: Conflict of Interests - Handicapped  LE Op. 409


Conflict of Interests - Handicapped Education Committee.


April 6, 1981


It is ethically impermissible for an attorney, who represents handicapped

children in hearings adverse to a school board, to also serve on a

handicapped education committee established to advise the same school

board when membership on that committee requires him to review information

which may be used against the school board in subsequent hearings, unless

all parties consent to the representation after full disclosure of all the

facts and circumstances. [See II: DR:5-101(A) and DR:5-105(C).]

Whether or not prohibited solicitation occurs as a result of the

attorney's involvement on the handicapped education committee could only

be determined by examination of the actual conduct.


Committee Opinion April 6, 1981




See also LE Op. 1195.