LEO: Letterheads - Conflict of Interest  LE Op. 389


Letterheads - Conflict of Interest.


August 25, 1980


Partnership and Attorney "A" enter into a relationship where Attorney "A"

becomes "Of Counsel" to Partnership. Attorney "A" is also associated with

Attorney "B" who is engaged in a limited part-time practice. Attorney "A"

may not ethically use professional cards, billheads and document imprints

which fail to delineate his relationship with partnership. Attorney "A"

ethically may continue his or her present association with Attorney "B,"

but all parties should be alert to the enhanced conflict of interest

potential inherent in the arrangement. [See II: DR:4-101(B) and (E); and

 DR:5-105(E).] If the association between Attorney "A" and Attorney "B"

is terminated, it would be unethical under DR:2-102 for Attorney "A" to

continue to use stationery including Attorney "B's" name on the



Committee Opinion August 25, 1980