LEO: Guardian Ad Litem - Fees LE Op. 385


Guardian Ad Litem - Fees.


August 20, 1980


It would be ethically impermissible for an attorney appointed to

represent another as guardian ad litem to receive any form of compensation

from an attorney representing the adverse party in the case. [See ECs 5-22

and 2-24; DR:5-106(A).] Furthermore, it would not be ethically proper

for the guardian ad litem to enter into an agreement whereby he would be

compensated from the award granted in a separate case in which he also

acts as guardian ad litem for his client. [See DR:5-106(A), see also Va.

Code 8.01-9(A) (1950).] There is no specific ethical requirement that

a lawyer serving as guardian ad litem appeal an adverse ruling on behalf

of his ward. [However, see DR:6-101 and DR:7-101(A) and (B) (2).]


Committee Opinion August 20, 1980




See also LE Op. 607.