LEO: Possessory Lien - Advancement of Costs  LE Op. 374


Possessory Lien - Advancement of Costs.


June 17, 1980


It is not improper for a domestic relations attorney to retain the copy

of the depositions for which he has advanced the costs, after discharge of

the attorney by the client pending payment of the deposition's costs by

the client if such retention does not prejudice the client and the client

is not otherwise legally entitled to possession of the deposition. [See II:

 DR:2-108(D) and II: DR:9-102(B)(4).] Advancement of such costs is only

proper if the client has agreed to reimburse the attorney regardless of

the outcome of the litigation. [See II: DR:5-103(B).]


Committee Opinion June 17, 1980




For attorney's lien, see also LE Op. 465.