LEO: Conflict of Interest - Father-Son  LE Op. 324


Conflict of Interest - Father-Son Relationship.


June 6, 1979


The father of Partner "X" is one of three commissioners of a state

regulatory agency charged with the enforcement of state statutes and the

rules and regulations of the agency. Charges for violations of such

statutes and rules and regulations are initially heard by a hearing

examiner from whose decision there is an automatic right of appeal to the

full Commission. Under these circumstances, if the commissioner who is the

father of Partner "X" disqualifies himself and does not participate in any

stage, it is not improper for a partner or associate of "X" to represent a

client either before a hearing examiner or an appeal or hearing for review

of the examiner's ruling. [See II: DR:9-101(C), see also III:C-3(C) (1)

by analogy.]


Committee Opinion June 6, 1979




See also LE Op. 623.