LEO: Purchase of Law Practice — Letterhead, LE Op. 321


    Purchase of Law Practice — Letterhead.


    April 19, 1979


    An attorney “A” proposes to purchase the law practice of another attorney “B.” Under these circumstances, “B” should contact all present clients and advise them of the termination of “B's” practice. The clients should be afforded the opportunity to retain “A” or other counsel. It is improper for “A” to purchase client's files or pending litigation as “accounts receivable” or to retain “B's” name on the office letterhead. [See II: DR:2-103(D), DR:2-108(D), DR:4-101(B)(1) and (3), DR:4-101(C)(1), and EC:4-6.]


    Committee Opinion April 19, 1979