LEO: Conflict of Interests - Disclosure  LE Op. 284


Conflict of Interests - Disclosure of Confidential

Information - Member of Law Firm as Witness.


December 20, 1977


It is not improper for a law firm to represent a client in an action

brought by a former client, assuming that the firm would not be required

to disclose any confidential information secured from their past client

and that their former relationship would not impair or impede the firm's

judgment or actions in representing the new client. The fact that a member

of the law firm was a member of the Board of Directors of the former

client several years before the law firm initially began representing the

current client does not affect this determination. [See II: DR:4-101, DR:

5-101; EC:4-5, EC:4-6 and EC:5-10.]


Committee Opinion December 20, 1977