LEO: Improperly Obtained Evidence C Duty LE Op. 278


Improperly Obtained Evidence C Duty of Attorney.


January 29, 1976


 It is not improper for an attorney to continue to represent a client as plaintiff and to make use of a document in connection with such representation, the acquisition of which document by client's wife may or may not have been authorized by defendant corporation, so long as the attorney was not a conspirator or an accessory to the illegal or improper obtaining of the evidence. [See II: DR:1-102(A)(1), (2) & (3); DR:7-101(B)(2) and DR:7-102(A)(7).]


Committee Opinion January 29, 1976




See also LE Op. 1141, and LE Op. 1324


LEO: Improperly Obtained Evidence - Duty, LE Op. 278 (1976)