LEO: Conflicts in Interests Multiple, LE Op. 218


Conflicts in Interests Multiple Clients.


September 1, 1972


It is not improper for an attorney, who had successfully defended driver against manslaughter charges arising out of an automobile accident on the basis of the testimony by the passengers of said driver, to continue to represent said driver's passengers as plaintiffs in an automobile personal injury action against the estate of the deceased driver of the other car even though deceased driver's insurer has filed third party motions for judgment against the driver of the automobile in which the attorney's plaintiffs were passengers, so long as the said plaintiffs have consented to such representation after full disclosure. Here, it is important that said plaintiffs' previous testimony under oath exonerated the attorney's former client. [See II: DR:5-105.]


Committee Opinion September 1, 1972


LEO: Conflicts in Interests - Multiple, LE Op. 218 (1972)