LEO: Conflict of Interest - County Attorney  LE Op. 1086


Conflict of Interest - County Attorney.


June 9, 1988


You advise that you are an attorney in general practice and have served

as counsel for your county's Department of Social Services (DSS) for

approximately nine years. Recent organization has placed the department

under the supervision of the county administrator. Previously, the

department was considered independent of that office, answerable only to

the regional office of the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Although you have rendered legal services to the county only as counsel

for the county Department of Social Services and although the county

retains the services of another attorney as counsel on all nonsocial

service related matters, a question has arisen as to whether you may

represent clients before the county on a nonsocial service related matter (

e.g. zoning).


You wish to know whether or not it is proper for you to represent other

clients before the board of supervisors or other county departments on

matters which the county regularly retains the services of a different



The Committee believes that LE Op. 843 and LE Op. 394 are dispositive

of your inquiry, and that it would not be improper for you to represent

other clients before the board of supervisors or the other county

departments as long as the county retains the services of different

attorneys for those matters and the county and DSS consent to the

representation after full disclosure.


Committee Opinion June 9, 1988