LEO: Legal Services Plan LE Op. 1045


Legal Services Plan.


March 2, 1988


You wish to know whether an attorney may administer a prepaid legal

services plan filed and approved by the SCC, providing the services under

the plan, and personally market the program to individuals, businesses and



Disciplinary Rule 2-103(B) [ DR:2-103] states "a lawyer shall not

assist in, cooperate with, or offer any qualified legal services plan or

assist in or cooperate with any insurer providing legal services insurance

as authorized by law to promote the use of his services or those of his

partner or associate or any other lawyer affiliated with him or his firm

if his assistance, cooperation or offer, and the communications of the

organization, are not in accordance with the standards of DR:2-101 or 2-

103(A), as appropriate."


The Committee opines that as long as the prepaid legal plan is properly

licensed by the State Corporation Commission ( 38.2-4400 et seq., Va.

Code) and you comply with the provisions of DR:2-101 and DR:2-103, it is

not improper for you to personally market the prepaid legal services



Committee Opinion March 2, 1988