Online Bundle FAQs

What types of programs can I select with my Online+ Bundle Credits?
Can I use Bundle Credits for other types of Virginia CLE® programs (Live on Site at other locations, Telephone, or USB Video)?
No, your Bundle Credits can be used to purchase ONLY On Demand seminars, Webcasts, and seminars presented live on site at the Bobzien-Gaither Education Center in Richmond or the Virginia CLE® Building in Charlottesville.
What is the total cost of an Online+ Bundle?
You may purchase 12 credits for $429 or 4 credits for $199. One Bundle Credit can purchase one hour of a Virginia CLE® On Demand seminar, downloadable audio seminar, live Webcast, or live on site seminar at the Bobzien-Gaither Education Center in Richmond or the Virginia CLE® Building in Charlottesville.
Note: The Online+ Bundle must be purchased separately from and prior to courses you wish to buy with your Bundle Credits.
Can I satisfy the MCLE 4-hour live-interactive requirement with Bundle Credits?
Yes! Our Webcasts and live on site seminars contain live Q&A and carry interactive MCLE credit. Learn more about the new 4-hour interactive MCLE credit requirement.
Are any on demand seminars or webcasts NOT eligible for purchase with bundle credits?
There are a very small number of special on demand seminars that are not discountable and therefore not eligible for bundle credit purchase. Seminars that are not eligible for bundle credit purchase, such as the Rule 1A:1 Reciprocity Seminar, will include a note to that effect on their product page.
Can I get a full refund if I purchase the Online+ Bundle?
No, the Online+ Bundle is non-refundable, so please read through this entire page and review our course list carefully before making your purchase. Please note that we are continually adding new programs throughout the year.
How do I select a course with Bundle Credits?
After you have purchased your Online+ Bundle, add a course to your cart as if you were going to purchase it with a credit card and then proceed through the Checkout screens, updating your Billing and Shipping information if necessary.
On the payment screen click the Use Bundle Credits button above the credit card number box. You will be told how many Bundle Credits remain in your account. Scroll down and click the Submit Order button to apply the Bundle Credits.
Click here to see screenshot instructions.
Can I make a mixed purchase and apply Bundle Credits toward some of the courses in my cart and pay for the rest with a credit card?
No, you must pay for ALL the items in your cart exclusively with either Bundle Credits or a credit card.
Once you click the Submit Order button, your Bundle Credits will be applied to all the items in your cart. If you do not have enough Bundle Credits left to purchase all the courses in your cart, the transaction will not go through and an error message will appear indicating that you do not have enough credits.
How do I access my purchased courses?
Click here for instructions on accessing a purchased on demand seminar and/or the downloadable audio version.
Click here for information about Webcasts.
What is the difference between an on demand seminar, a downloadable audio version, and a Webcast?
On demand seminars are pre-recorded video or audio programs. You may log in and take them anytime you like.
The downloadable audio version can also be taken at your leisure after you purchase and download them. Once they have been downloaded, they do not require an Internet connection. They use the MP3 format, which will play on virtually all types of computers and mobile devices. All our on demand seminars include a downloadable version.
Live Webcasts are viewed the date and time they are scheduled on a Mac or PC computer, or using the Adobe Connect app on iPads, iPhones, or Android devices.
Are your seminars Mac and mobile friendly?
Yes! Our platform for both on demand seminars and Webcasts is compatible with Macs (as well as iPads, iPhones, and Android tablet and mobile devices).
Do my Bundle Credits have a time limit?
Yes. You have 365 days from the date of purchase to select your courses with your Bundle Credits.
Do the courses I select with my Bundle Credits have a time limit?
Yes. Each on demand seminar should list a "Viewable Through" date on its product page. You may access the seminar until this date. Generally, we keep on demand seminars up for three years, but this can vary based on the content of the program. (Email us at if your on demand seminar is taken down before you take it.) Webcasts are viewed live at their scheduled times. Downloadable audio seminars may be kept and reviewed at any time.
What if I select the wrong on demand seminar with my Bundle Credits?
Email us at If you have not received your certificate for the on demand seminar, we will remove the course from your record and add the appropriate number of credits back to your bundle.
What if I am unable to view a live Webcast or attend a live on site seminar that I selected with my credits?
Cancellation/transfer requests will be honored the link to the written materials is emailed (usually the day before a seminar) or we can usually give you access to the on demand seminar version. In the event that technical difficulties prevent you from viewing a Webcast, call us at 800-979-8253 or email us at We will remove the course from your record and add the appropriate number of credits back to your bundle.
Do I have to select all of the programs I want in the Online+ Bundle at the time of purchase?
No, you may select programs any time before your Bundle Credits expire (one year from date of purchase).
Can I apply Bundle Credits across more than one MCLE credit year?
Yes. For example, if you have already earned some MCLE credit for this year, you can use your Bundle Credits to fulfill the rest of this year's requirement, and then save the rest of the credits to apply toward next year's requirement. Just be sure to select your courses before your Bundle Credits expire.
Can I share my Bundle Credits with others?
No, your Bundle Credits are available for your use only.
Can I purchase a new Online+ Bundle before I have used up my old one?
Yes. If you purchase a second Online+ Bundle, your Bundle Credits will be added to your Bundle Credit total. You will then have 365 days from the date of the later purchase to use your total number of Bundle Credits. (I.e., buying a new Online+ Bundle extends the expiration date of the old Bundle Credits.)