New Virginia Lawyer and MCLE FAQs

What is Virginia CLE®?
Virginia CLE® is an independent, non-profit Continuing Education provider dedicated to Virginia law and the Virginia legal community. An educational division of Virginia Law Foundation, Virginia CLE® is governed by the Foundation's Committee on Continuing Legal Education, which is comprised of representatives of the Virginia State Bar, the Virginia Bar Association, and several of Virginia's law schools.
All Virginia CLE® seminars are certified for Virginia continuing legal education credit.
Why does Virginia CLE® care so much about new lawyers?
Virginia CLE®'s ultimate responsibility is to help Virginia attorneys practice proficiently, competently, professionally, and ethically throughout their careers. As the only full-service Continuing Legal Education provider dedicated to Virginia’s legal community, we are uniquely able to help support your professional growth and to help make your legal career a successful one.
Because we understand the need for new lawyers to have access to learning and information at low prices, we offer extensive discounting for your first three years of Virginia practice.
Who is eligible for the new lawyer discounts?
Any lawyer who has been a first-time, active Virginia Bar member for less than three years is eligible to receive 15% off Virginia CLE® seminars, publications, Online+ Bundles, and Unlimited Online Passes.
To take advantage of your 15% off New Virginia Lawyer discount, use coupon code NEWLAWYER during the online checkout process.
Are there any restrictions?
Our new lawyer discount cannot be combined with other discounts and does not apply to already discounted products such as publication combos and libraries or the Online+ Bundle. While this discount is available on the vast majority of Virginia CLE® seminars, there are some that we are unable to discount. Click here for a list of non-discountable seminars.
I am new to the Virginia State Bar, but not to the legal profession. Do I get a discount, too?
Yes! Those entering the Virginia legal community from another state in particular must have information specific to Virginia law and practice. This is our specialty.
After registering for Virginia CLE®'s Rule 1A:1 Reciprocity course, lawyers planning on applying to the Virginia Bar through reciprocity may use coupon code RECIPROCITY to gain early access to the new lawyer discount. Click here for instructions on using the Reciprocity discount.
What is "MCLE"?
"MCLE" stands for "Mandatory Continuing Legal Education".
What is the MCLE requirement for attorneys in Virginia?
The MCLE requirement for all active members of the Virginia State Bar is 12 hours of CLE.
Two of the 12 hours must be in the area of legal ethics or professionalism each reporting period.
Four of the 12 hours must be earned through live, interactive programs. For more information on that requirement, follow this link.
What is the MCLE reporting period in Virginia?
The MCLE reporting period runs from November 1 to October 31.
When do I begin to report my MCLE credits in Virginia?
Newly admitted attorneys are exempt from the MCLE requirement for the reporting period in which they are eligible to be licensed. Any MCLE credit earned after you are licensed by the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners and prior to October 31 can be carried over to the following reporting period (within the limitations prescribed in the MCLE regulations).
For example, if you are eligible between November 1, 2015, and October 31, 2016, your first MCLE completion period begins November 1, 2016.
Are there any special requirements for newly admitted attorneys in Virginia?
All active attorneys must take "The Professionalism Course" provided by the Virginia State Bar in the first 12 months of becoming active. This is separate from your MCLE requirement.
How do I report attendance at courses with the Virginia State Bar?
Virginia CLE® normally will provide you with a Certificate of Attendance (Form 2) at Live on Site and Video on Site programs. Form 2's will be provided electronically for telephone and Webcast seminars and the MCLE Course ID will be given out at the end of the seminar.
Form 2's for on demand seminars and USB Flash Drive seminars can be accessed by entering the embedded codes given out during the seminar and your VSB number on the Generate Certificate page.
You can report your MCLE credit hours electronically at the Virginia State Bar's website. Log in using your bar number and password.
You may also mail or fax the form to the MCLE office using the contact information at the top of the Form 2.
If you do not receive your Form 2 or instructions for acquiring it for a particular seminar, please email us at
Whom should I contact if I have additional questions about Virginia's MCLE requirements?
Please see the VSB MCLE website or contact the MCLE Department at the Virginia State Bar (804-775-0577 or with any questions or if you need assistance in any way.
How can I update my contact information with the Virginia State Bar?
Licensed members of the Virginia State Bar can access and update their personal contact information by visiting the VSB website at Click on Member Resources and log in using your bar number and password.
What types of programs qualify for MCLE credit in Virginia?
Attorneys can earn their MCLE credits by participating in any courses that are approved for credit by the Virginia State Bar's MCLE Department.
Virginia CLE® offers approved courses in the following formats. (Click the format below for a listing of current courses offered.)
Are all of the seminars sold on the Virginia CLE® website approved for MCLE credit in Virginia?
Yes – it is very rare for Virginia CLE® to offer a seminar that is not approved for MCLE credit. You can check the "Credits" information to find out the number of approved MCLE hours a seminar has received.

This information is not intended to be a complete representation of the requirements of the Virginia Supreme Court Rules or the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Regulations that govern the Virginia State Bar. For specific provision details, refer to the complete text available on the VSB website or contact the MCLE Office (804-775-0577 or