Information For Virginia CLE Faculty

Virginia CLE relies on its volunteer faculty — Thank You!

The following information is presented to help you prepare for speaking at one of our seminars. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Program Attorney or Program Assistant in charge of the seminar.

Presentation Tips

  • We have a very informative and entertaining three-hour DVD entitled "Dynamic Speaking Skills for Lawyers," featuring Steve Hughes, a nationally-known expert. It is our gift to you. If you haven't already received your copy, please ask, and we'll send one to you.

  • Preparing for the seminar. This short hand-out covers planning your presentation, preparing materials, and how to use PowerPoint.


Your Program Attorney and/or Program Assistant will provide you with specific dates, but here are the general milestones:

Virginia CLE will...

What we ask of you...

Ten weeks before the seminar Send an introduction and information e-mail or letter
  • Send us a current biography and contact information

  • Inform us of any traveling assistance or other special needs you have

Eight weeks before the seminar

Complete and mail the advertising brochure

  • Good ideas for the title

  • A description of the course purpose

  • A list of topics you intend to cover

Four weeks before the seminar

Compile, format, and print the written materials

  • Complete your outline

  • Forward it to us in Word format

Two weeks before the seminar

Complete our arrangements with the hotel

  • Tell us of any special presentation needs

  • Send us any PowerPoint presentations you intend to use

  • Tell us if you need overnight accommodations

Just before the seminar

Make all final arrangements

Sign and return the speaker agreement

The day of the seminar

Register attendees

Perform brilliantly!

One week after the seminar

Reconcile our accounts

Submit any requests for reimbursement

Speaker Reimbursement Policy

Our governing CLE Committee approved this policy in January 2012. We are bound to abide by its terms, and ask you to do the same.

MCLE Credit

As a speaker in an approved CLE seminar, you may may claim credit for the time you actually taught, plus the time you spent preparing to teach. You may claim up to four minutes for every minute you taught, which will be rounded to the nearest half hour. You may not claim more than eight hours of preparation time for any one course. You use the MCLE Form 3 to claim teaching credit. We will have forms for you at the seminar, or we can send them to you afterwards.

Additional information if you are a speaker at a . . .

Phone Seminar

  • This document describes in detail what you can expect to hear as we set up and present the seminar.

  • Replays. Remember that at least one of the speakers has to be available by phone for the final 15 minutes of the replay.  Of course, we'd prefer that all the speakers be available.


  • All webcasts are presented at the Virginia CLE Building, 105 Whitewood Road, Charlottesville.  For directions, click here. All of our webcasts are simultaneously broadcast as phone seminars, but the instructions above are not directly applicable.

  • Some of our webcasts have a live audience in attendance (in addition to Virginia CLE staff)--your Program Attorney should have told you if this is going to be the case.

  • All participants have the opportunity to submit questions throughout the presentation.  Virginia CLE staff will print the question out (on-site participants will be encouraged to  write out their questions), and the Program Attorney will hand the paper containing the question to the off-camera speaker.  Speakers may decide whether to answer the questions then, or at the end of the webcast.

  • You may view a sample of one of our webcasts below.

  • Replays.  Replays are currently offered in the same manner as phone seminar replays.  As above, at least one speaker must be available for the last 15 minutes of the replay.

Webcast Example