About Us

Founded in 1960, Virginia CLE® is the educational arm of the Virginia Law Foundation, which is an independent, IRS 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. Virginia CLE® is the leading provider of continuing education to the Virginia legal community. It is advised by the Virginia Law Foundation's Committee on Continuing Legal Education, which comprises members of the Foundation’s board of directors, as well as representatives from the Virginia State Bar, the Virginia Bar Association, and several of Virginia's law schools.

Stephen D. Busch Assumes Presidency of the Virginia Law Foundation

Our office is located at 105 Whitewood Road, Charlottesville, Virginia, 22901.

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


To contact a Virginia CLE® staff member, send an email with the individual's name in the "Subject" line to vacle@vacle.org.


Raymond M. White Executive Director
Teresa Moore
Director of Foundation Operations / Medical Benefits Administrator
Suzanne Stinnett
Strategic Planning and Event Coordinator

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Marcus Gaither
Director of Digital Marketing and Social Media
Hailey Peterson Social Media Specialist

Law Schools

Suzanne Stinnett
Group Leader
Valerie Gooch Law School Publishing Group Leader

Marketing and Communications

Jennifer Oppenheimer Senior Director of Marketing and Communications
Mark Giesecke Marketing Coordinator
Lydia Wilson Marketing Specialist

Media and Film and Production

Bobby Swackhamer Video Production Specialist
Tristan Grigsby Video Production Specialist

New Lawyers

Tanya Hunter
Group Leader
Deanna McGlothlin Assistant Group Leader


Brian Bill Chief Operating Officer
Stacie Merriam Senior Director of Finance / Human Resources Administrator
Melissa Gibson
Accounting Assistant
Kelly Brooks Registrar
Tiffany Fitzgerald Registrar
Tristan Grigsby Shipping Coordinator
Sibyl Wynn Receptionist


Brian Bill Director of Publications
Peter Roane Editor in Chief
Chris Reilly Senior Coordinating Publications Attorney
Don Whitenack Publications Editor
Kirsten Yavorosky Publications Editor
Kelsey Robinson Publications Editor
Valerie Gooch Publications Manager


Brian Bill Director of Seminars
Rich DiMeglio Program Attorney
Tanya Hunter Program Attorney
Tracy Winn Banks Program Attorney
Tanya Morris Executive Assistant
Kim Villio Program Assistant
Kathleen Dougherty Program Assistant / Out-of-State Credit Coordinator
Deanna McGlothlin Video Seminar and Event Administrator

Technology and Distance Learning

John McCullough Senior Director of Technology
Mary Forbes Distance Learning and Website Administrator
Claude Levet Webcast Administrator
Marcus Gaither
Technology Administrator
Lydia Wilson Customer Service Representative


Our Address

  • 105 Whitewood Road
    Charlottesville, VA 22901


  • Virginia CLE® is the non-profit educational division of the Virginia Law Foundation.

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