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  2. Search our On Demand Seminars and add programs relevant to a case at hand to your Cart. The total will automatically calculate to $0 when you are signed in through your Pro Bono Account, thereby requiring no payment when you check out.

  3. Repeat as necessary as a pro bono case arises. Please only access programs relevant to a particular case.

  4. Remember that no MCLE Certificates will be generated. If you may wish to receive MCLE credit at a later date, please keep track of the embedded codes and purchase the seminar through a regular customer account.

The Virginia Law Foundation, through its educational division Virginia CLE®, along with the Virginia Access to Justice Commission, is proud to announce the availability of free content for attorneys dedicated to filling the "justice gap" by providing pro bono representation to their fellow Virginians.

Virginia-licensed attorneys providing pro bono services to Virginia residents may access Virginia CLE®'s 450+ on-demand On Demand Seminars and the accompanying seminar materials at no charge to assist in specific pro bono cases. Simply create or sign into your Pro Bono Account, and then search our On Demand Seminars and add any programs you require to your Cart. The total will automatically calculate to $0, thereby requiring no payment when you check out. These free seminars cannot be used for MCLE credit.

While our goal is to aid pro bono attorneys in providing the best possible representation, if you nonetheless wish to receive MCLE credit for a course at a later date, write down the embedded codes and then purchase the program for credit with your non-pro bono account. You will not need to watch the seminar again. If you do not already have a regular customer account, you can create one here.

Pro Bono accounts accessing large numbers of seminars or seminars clearly not for pro bono work will be reviewed and, if necessary, suspended.

Downloadable audio versions of the seminar segments are not available with Pro Bono Accounts.

If you would like to purchase seminars and receive MCLE credit, use our new Pro Bono Discount!

Attorneys who have donated 2% or more of their time (40+ hours) to pro bono work within the past 12 months are eligible to receive 10% off almost all Virginia CLE products, including discountable seminars, Online Bundles, publications, and Online Publications Library subscriptions. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts or applied retroactively.

To receive coupon codes for this 10% discount, customers MUST contact to notify us of your eligibility. Please send your name, bar number, and a 1-2 sentence message about your recent pro bono work. Do not include sensitive client information, but please summarize your pro bono work and how many hours you spent on pro bono work within the past 12 months. Please also indicate whether you consent to Virginia CLE sharing your name and story publicly (including on our website and social media), as we hope to promote this offer to better support others dedicating their time to pro bono work in Virginia. Your name and information will not be shared unless you grant us permission, but we hope you will agree to share your story.

After you submit your email detailing your pro bono discount eligibility, you will receive an email with instructions on how to apply the 10% discount. Please note that this offer expires 12/31/2021, after which time to continue receiving the discount, you will need to notify us of your continued pro bono activity.

Email with your pro bono information to be eligible for this coupon code.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 979-8253 or

John Whitfield of Blue Ridge Legal Services in Harrisonburg provides an introduction to the new "limited scope appearance" allowed under Rule 1:5 since January 1, 2019, covering its background, purpose and potential uses in Virginia.

Download the written materials here...