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MCLE Live-Interactive Credit Rule: Browse here for information about the MCLE Board's new live-interactive credit rule.

Out-of-State Credit: Browse here for information about using Virginia CLE seminars for CLE credit in other states.

Please don't confuse Virginia CLE with the Virginia State Bar's Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Department. Virginia attorneys who have questions about the number of hours of credit they have accumulated can get answers by using the Virginia State Bar's MCLE record lookup function on the VSB Web site. Virginia MCLE questions that are not answered by the VSB site or this FAQ should be directed to the MCLE Department at (804) 775-0577 or

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I report my credits for courses I have completed?
You may report your credits online on the VSB's website here: For further information please visit

How many CLE credit hours do I have now?
You can find out by using the Virginia State Bar's MCLE record lookup function on the VSB Web site,, or contact the MCLE Department at (804) 775-0577 or

Remind me of the deadlines.
The MCLE year runs from November 1 to October 31. Attorneys must obtain 12 credit hours, 2 of which must be "ethics" or "professionalism." Beginning with the November 1, 2011 to October 31, 2012 MCLE year, 4 of those 12 credit hours must be earned in live, interactive courses. For a detailed discussion of that requirement follow this link.

Are there any exceptions?
Members admitted to practice law in Virginia during the current reporting period are exempt from the MCLE requirements. Note that the date on which you are "admitted" is deemed to be the date on which your license was issued, not the date on which you were sworn in.

What if I have obtained more credit hours than I need?
A maximum of 12 excess credit hours, including 2 ethics credits, can be carried over to the next reporting period. But beginning with carryover from the MCLE year that ends on October 31, 2012, only 8 excess credit hours earned from pre-recorded courses can be carried over to the next reporting period.

What happens if I do not get my 12 credit hours (including 2 ethics credit) by the October 31 deadline?
If you are taking courses from November 1 through December 15 to cure an MCLE deficiency for the previous credit year, a $100 non-compliance fee will be assessed by the MCLE Board. For more information, click on VSB MCLE Web Page.

What if I have already completed my previous credit year MCLE hours — can I take courses in November and apply the credits to the new reporting period?
Yes. Courses taken after October 31 will be applied toward the new credit year with no penalties assessed.

Can I apply MCLE credit earned through Virginia CLE to other states?
Possibly. Please check here for more information.

What should I do if I have other questions about MCLE requirements?
The MCLE Board, which is appointed by the Virginia Supreme Court, enforces and administers the requirements. Please direct questions to the MCLE Department at (804) 775-0577 or


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