GAIN THE EDGE!® Negotiation Strategies for Lawyers

MCLE Credits: 6.0
Ethics Credits Included: 1.0

Live on Site: Tuesday, October 18 / Richmond (Glen Allen)
  Wednesday, October 19 / Fairfax
Registration: 8:00 a.m.
Program: 8:30 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
MCLE Credit: 6.0 (Ethics: 1.0)
Live-Interactive Credit: 6.0 Live Interactive MCLE Credit Symbol


Why Attend?

Do you know the latest research-based negotiation strategies that work—and don’t work? How do you really know you’re getting the best deal or settlement? Find out from one of the nation’s leading negotiation experts.

  • Learn Latz’s 5 Golden Rules of Negotiation
  • Learn powerful agenda-control techniques and tactics to generate creative solutions
  • Observe and analyze a negotiation simulation led by Latz
  • Attendees receive Latz’s critically acclaimed book, Gain the Edge! Negotiating to Get What You Want

Featuring Marty Latz, national negotiation expert and author of Gain the Edge! Negotiating to Get What You Want

YOU NEGOTIATE EVERY DAY. In fact, your ability to effectively negotiate may be the most critical skill you possess. Yet most negotiate instinctively or intuitively. This seminar will help you approach negotiations with a strategic mindset.

And make no mistake—no matter how much you’ve negotiated, you can still learn. Adding that one new tactic may be the difference between winning and walking away empty-handed.

Martin Latz is one of the nation’s leading experts and instructors on negotiating techniques—he will help make YOU a more effective lawyer.

15 Skills You’ll Learn

  1. Latz’s 5 Golden Rules of Negotiation
  2. Ways to gain leverage when seemingly powerless
  3. Strategies to get past “No”—if all appears lost
  4. First-offer dynamics—when to make it and when to wait
  5. Secrets to success in emotionally charged negotiations
  6. Powerful agenda-control techniques
  7. Deadline and timing tips
  8. Where to use competitive techniques vs. problem-solving strategies
  9. Tactics to generate creative solutions
  10. How to get power with effective information gathering
  11. When to share information—and when to keep it
  12. When to hold—and when to fold
  13. Ways to deal with untrustworthy adversaries
  14. How to keep options open while building future relationships
  15. The difference between “puffery” and unacceptable lying

This seminar focuses on typical legal negotiation situations, such as discovery disputes, closing M&A deals, and settlement negotiations. The major exercise in this seminar involves a contractual dispute between two manufacturing companies. Program participants engage in several large- and small-group exercises to illustrate the negotiating principles discussed above.


You will receive as an attendee:

  1. Latz’s critically acclaimed book, Gain the Edge! Negotiating to Get What You Want
  2. An e-mail subscription to Latz’s monthly negotiation column in The Arizona Republic—so you will never stop honing your skills

“No matter how much you’ve negotiated, you’ll learn things.”




8:00 Registration
8:30 Introduction—The “Car Negotiation Story”
8:40 Discuss Latz’s Golden Rules of Negotiation, including
  • Setting aggressive—yet realistic—goals
  • Information is power—so get it!
  • Increasing leverage by strengthening your alternatives
10:00 Break
10:15 Negotiation Ethics—Part I, including discussion of The Misrepresentation Scenario and its:
  • Morality—is it right or wrong?
  • Ethics or legality—does it cross the legal or ethical line?
  • Effectiveness—does it work?
10:45 Discuss Negotiation Strategies, including:
  • Using objective criteria with “tough negotiators”
  • Using timing to your advantage
11:30 Lunch (provided at program)
12:15 Discuss Negotiation Strategies, including:
  • Designing offer-concession strategies
  • Controlling the agenda
12:45 Prepare to Negotiate Simulation, including:
  • Learning information-gathering techniques
  • Analyzing interests vs. positions
  • Creatively generating options
1:15 Negotiation Simulation
1:45 Analyze Negotiation Simulation, including
  • Evaluating lessons learned—what worked and what didn’t
2:00 Break
2:15 Discuss Negotiation Strategies, including:
  • Problem-solving vs. competitive strategies
  • Impasse-breaking strategies
  • Countering “negotiation games”
3:15 Negotiation Ethics—Part II, including discussion of The “False Promise” Scenario and its:
  • Morality—is it right or wrong?
  • Ethics or legality—does it cross the legal or ethical line?
  • Effectiveness—does it work?
3:45 Adjourn



Renowned negotiation expert Martin E. Latz, founder of the Latz Negotiation Institute, has trained over 100,000 lawyers and business professionals around the world to more effectively negotiate, including in Bangkok, Beijing, Brussels, Hong Kong, London, Prague, Seoul, Shanghai, and Singapore in addition to around the U.S.

An Adjunct Professor of Negotiation at Arizona State University College of Law from 1995 to 2005, Latz has also negotiated for the White House nationally and internationally on the White House Advance Teams.

Latz—a Harvard Law cum laude graduate—is the author of Gain the Edge! Negotiating to Get What You Want and has appeared as a negotiation expert on CBS’ The Early Show and such national business shows as Your Money and Fox Business. He also writes a monthly negotiation column that has appeared for many years in The Arizona Republic and that is now e-mailed to almost 40,000 readers per month.

For more on Latz, visit

Locations, Dates and Fees

LIVE REGISTRATION FEES (Lunch and printed materials included)

$305 regular registration.
$320 on-site registration (if space is available). 


Richmond (Glen Allen) / Tuesday, October 18
The Place at Innsbrook (Venue Website / Google Map)
4036-C Cox Road
(804) 346-2100

Fairfax / Wednesday, October 19
Waterford at Fair Oaks (Venue Website / Google Map)
12025 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway
(703) 352-3200

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