About The CLE Committee

CLE Committee

Virginia Law Foundation
Committee on Continuing Legal Education 2013-2014

Virginia State Bar/Virginia Bar Association Representatives

David P. Bobzien (Chair)
(VSB), Office of the County Attorney / Fairfax

James P. Cox, III
(VSB), Michie, Hamlett, Lowry, Rasmussen & Tweel / Charlottesville

Jeannie P. Dahnk
(VSB), Glover & Dahnk / Fredericksburg

Amanda Glickman
(VBA/YLD), Media General / Richmond

Karen A. Gould
(VSB), Virginia State Bar / Richmond

Nicole J. Harrell
(VBA), Kaufman & Canoles / Norfolk

Jean K. Kelleher
(VSB), Office for Human Rights / Alexandria

Dean Lhospital
(VSB/YLC), Sneathern & Lhospital / Charlottesville

David S. Mercer
(VBA), Mercer Trigiani / Alexandria

Steven R. Minor
(VBA), Elliott, Lawson & Minor / Bristol

Thomas P. Murphy
(VBA), Hunton & Williams / McLean

Douglas M. Nabhan
(VBA), Williams Mullen / Richmond

Henry N. "Harry" Ware, Jr.
(VBA), Spotts Fain / Richmond

H. Kimberlie Young
(VSB), Office of General Counsel, Dept. of the Navy / Norfolk

Liaison to the VLF Board

Irving M. Blank
(VSB), Paris Blank / Richmond

Law School Members

Richard D. Balnave
University of Virginia School of Law / Charlottesville

Darius Davenport
Regent University School of Law / Virginia Beach

Dana M. Fallon
George Mason University School of Law / Arlington

Caroline L. Osborne
Washington & Lee School of Law / Lexington

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