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New Publication! Virginia Criminal Practice Forms

Already a Best Seller! Virginia Law and Practice: A Handbook for Attorneys

If there is one book that every Virginia practitioner should have, this is it!

New Softcover Format

Virginia CLE® has introduced a handsome 7” x 10” softcover format for our publications, offering increased portability and ease of use. We also passed on a portion of the print savings to the customer. Many more new editions to come in 2015 and beyond!

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Highlighted Publications
Virginia Criminal Practice Forms

Virginia Criminal Practice Forms

Start the process of building the right motion, proposed order, discovery demand, or just about anything the experienced or novice criminal law practitioner might need a form to achieve. With the full range of Virginia CLE's battle-tested criminal practice forms, you will have at your fingertips the tools to address legal matters ranging from commonplace to unique.

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Defense of Serious Traffic Cases in Virginia

Virginia Employment Practices and Forms

This book, and the more than 40 editable electronic forms included therein, provides guidance in all phases of the employment process, from hiring to termination. Practical advice is included on the use of each form. It may be used as a primer on employment law questions and issues that confront Virginia businesses daily, as well as a guide to navigate policies that become the subject of a dispute. The materials complement Virginia CLE's two-volume deskbook Employment Law in Virginia (2014) and can be used in conjunction, or on their own.

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A Guide to the Rules of Evidence in Virginia

A Guide to the Rules of Evidence in Virginia

The definitive source on Virginia evidence law. Relied upon by judges and attorneys alike, this compact, spiral-bound handbook includes the text of each Rule, followed by notes concisely summarizing its interpretation and application by Virginia’s courts. 2014-2015 edition.

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Manual for Commissioners of Accounts

Manual for Commissioners of Accounts

The highly popular Manual for Commissioners of Accounts is an indispensable part of any law practice involving probate of estates, guardians and conservators, administration of trusts, or foreclosure under a deed of trust. The 2014 edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect revised Title 64.2. Its coverage has been expanded and includes a new chapter on hearings before Commissioners.

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